Elisa Fuksas

A sincere and intimate portrait between fairytale and reality in which Ornella lays herself bare, scene after scene, only to then let explode all her strength.
A spa resort out of time, a 1940s hotel, a place that moves the present who knows where. Not the past, Ornella Vanoni's past life, but the revelation - current - of her intimacy, exhibited through a relationship: the relationship with the director.
The energy, the character, the music, the comparisons, the heat, the fatigue. Everything is filmed without sparing anything, not even the discussions between Ornella and Elisa. The film goes along with what Ornella naturally generates and bends to the unexpected, to the present. And then there are the meetings with friends, the musicians, Vinicio Capossela, Samuele Bersani, Paolo Fresu's trumpet resounding in the empty spaces of the big hotel where, in the midst of identical days punctuated by care and treatments, the story, the memory and also the future take place as Ornella prepares to become a fantastic creature made of voice and dream, destined for eternity.
World premiere at the 2021 Giornate degli Autori in Venice
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