29th October 2017, about the night of Vaia Lucia, Elsa and Silvano remember just the darkness, the wind and the noise, a grim and dangerous noise. But anyone can’t forget what they saw the next morning: the wood they lived, loved, raised for years, wiped out.

 “ -The trees sacrificed for us- told me the Scario, the master of the Regola Feudale, while putting back the map where he just showed me the entity of the disaster. An entire forest destroyed: millions of trucks smashed by the wind, thousands of acres of wood, razed to the ground. But no one was killed. In that moment I realized what would have been the meaning of Schianti. My family is from Val Di Fiemme, in the Alps: when a couple of years ago I had read on the newspaper of the Vaia storm and its damages in the Dolomites, I immediately felt the need to tell that story” director Tobia Passigato said about Schianti.
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