I'm Back

Luca Miniero


This is not a movie about Mussolini’s return, but a movie about Italy today, instead.

Mussolini comes back today to show us our confusion, to let our fears and desires rise.

Rome. Today. After 80 years since his death, Benito Mussolini reappears in Piazza Vittorio. The war is over, his beloved Claretta is gone and everything seems changed. Apparently. Andrea Canaletti, a young documentarist with great ambitions but very few successes, happens to film accidentally the dictator’s return. Thinking he is a cosplay, Canaletti decides to shoot a documentary about him hoping to be finally recognized as a filmmaker. Then the two start a surreal journey around Italy that takes them in TV shows and curious moments of confrontation with today's Italian population. All of this makes the Duce’s figure popular again, up to the point he becomes a TV star. Thanks to such popularity, he believes he could rule the country again. What if he would be back for real?

In competition at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2019, Sylver Méliès


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