Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli


Likemeback was born of the desire to investigate the potential effects that social media and privacy violation can have on friendships - director Leonardo Guerra Seragnoli said about the movie - The story of three girls on a holiday at the age that perhaps best represents the risks and opportunities of the use of social media –just out of high school between their first taste of freedom and adulthood– was a good way of observing ongoing social transformations in an intimate context, and also reevaluating a moment in my own life that I recall as being decisive.

Just out of high school, Lavinia, Carla and Danila leave for a yachting holiday. Accompanied only by a skipper, the three of them sail along the Croatian coast at the start of a new stage in their lives. Full of dreams, free and laid-back, they are unaware that sharing everything on the social media is about to transform their holiday into a brutal rite of passage to adulthood in which nothing, especially their friendship, will ever be the same again.


In competition at Festival of Locarno 2018, section Cineasti del Presente
Partecipation at Braunschweig International Film Festival 2019, section Beyond: Self-Display
In competition at Festa do Cinema Italiano 2019
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