Francesco Ghiaccio

With Marco D’amore, Matilde Gioli and Giorgio Colangeli

Cinema release: December 3rd 2015
Written by: Francesco Ghiaccio, Marco d’Amore
Produced by: Indiana Production, La Piccola Società with Rai Cinema; in collaboration with Sky
Distributed by: Parthenos in association with Lucky Red

Eduardo and Luca are father and son. They haven’t seen each other for over ten years. One day, the phone rings and the call will bring them back together, suddenly and painfully. This time, they won’t have a second chance. Eduardo is seriously ill, suffering of a terminal disease: the mesothelioma, “the asbestos cancer”. In the background of the story, there is the entire city of Casal Monferrato, which is in turmoil due to the approaching of the Eternit trial. Eduardo has been an employee at Eternit for over 30 years. “A safe place” is an illusion– the false promise that many workers have received and still receive in Italy, trading their own health and life, as well as those living in contaminated territories, for the security of a job. However, a safe place is also, on the other hand, a place of the soul, a shelter of where to be reborn; it is the forgiveness; it is the love between Luca and Raffaella, the place from where you can start living again.