Rocco Papaleo

With Rocco Papaleo, Alessandro Gassman, Luz Cipriota

Cinema release: February 18th, 2016
Written by: Rocco Papaleo Valter Lupo and Federica Pontremoli
Produced by: Indiana Production, Less Is More Produzioni
Distributed by: Warner Bros
Music publishing: BMG Rights / Indiana Production / Less Is More
Songs: Rocco Papaleo, Francesco Montefiori and Arturo Valente
Music: Francesco Accardo and Rudy Pusateri
Location: Uruguay and Italia

Two men adrift. This may be the reason why they find themselves on a ship. A freight ship directed to Uruguay. Ruggero is the on-board cook. Gegè is a passenger. He lives on the edge, even when he’s dizzy. He used to be a singer. Today he’s heading to Montevideo for a concert that represents his last chance and he can’t miss it. But during the trip his voice breaks. In Montevideo, the event manager, Gilda, is waiting for them. But nothing will go as they expected.