Laura Chiossone

With Anna Foglietta, Nicolò Costa, Paolo Calabresi, Lucia Mascino, Marina Rocco, Francesco Turbanti, Elena Radonicich , Paolo Mazzarelli, Marina Occhionero

Written by: Renata Ciaravino and Gabriele Scotti
Produced by: Indiana Production, Rosso Film, Maremosso with Rai Cinema
Distributed by: Adler Entertainment

Simona, is a 40-year-old single mom who loves her son Filippo with every molecule of her being. But she feels terribly inadequate as a mother. How can she usher him into the world and at the same time protect him? Filippo is about to turn eight, and Simona, determined to provide him with all the happiness she was denied by her unaffectionate and indifferent mother, decides to throw him a birthday party, in which we will watch her invest not just money, but all of her worries and fears and performance anxiety. Nothing goes her way: all the kids’ party entertainers are booked, the bakery can’t guarantee the cake she wants, a menacing water stain blossoms on the living room ceiling, and then… Filippo says he wants pink balloons. “Oh! That’s certainly one idea… are you sure, honey?… I mean, it’s not that you can’t have balloons, but pink is not… well, maybe mixed with other colors… How about blue? What I mean is, pink isn’t really for birthdays… but I suppose maybe we could, I don’t know…” “Ok Mom, whatever you want. I like all the colors”. As the guests gradually arrive and crowd into the apartment, we meet a rainbow collage of contemporary humanity: Ilaria, the fanatical vegan, Giorgia the lesbian and Paolo, her stay-at-home husband with a love hate relationship with the female gender, and sundry other comical masks of this new generation of vaguely psychotic parents. The entertainer, Luisa, booked at the last minute, also arrives. She’s 35 and takes care of her elderly mother. Despite having a degree in bioengineering, she has to moonlight as a party clown to make ends meet. Plus, she just discovered the day before that she’s pregnant and doesn’t know whether to rejoice or jump in front of a bus.