Marcos Jorge

Release: 2007
Written by: Luisa Silvestre e Marco Jorge
Produced by: Indiana Production and Zencrane Filmes
Distributed by: Brasile, Francia, Portogallo, Colombia, Spagna, Grecia, Finlandia, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, Porto Rico, Sud Corea, Scandinavia e paesi Baltici.

In the great restaurant of life, there are those who eat and those who get eaten. Raimundo Nonato, finds an alternative way, a life of his own: he cooks. How the protagonist ends up in jail – especially, the reason behind his imprisonment – is concealed to us. We keep wondering why, up until the end, when we discover his crime, the crime committed by an ordinary man.  In the great restaurant that is life, even the cook wants to eat his share. Afterall, only the cook truly knows which part is the best.