Francesco Ghiacco

With: Valeria Solarino, Vinicio Marchioni
Written by: Marco D’Amore and Francesco Ghiaccio, with Renata Ciaravino and Gabriele Scotti
Produced by: Indiana Production with La Piccola Società
Distributed by: Vision Distribution

When you are sixteen the world is a battlefield. When you are sixteen, and you are overweight, the battle seems already lost. Unless you engage in an impossible undertaking. Chiara Mariagrazia and Letizia with they were invisible. Trying to be seen by their classmates seems the hardest challenge they can face, but then something happen. Someone shares a video online, which portrays them in their swimming suits. Now that their worst nightmare has come true, they are at a crossroad: get lost, or show off in the most extravagant, crazy and bold way.